Water-based varnish, green effect and quality

Water-based varnish, green effect and quality


Water-based varnishes are becoming still more preferred finish product than other varnishes on the market. This is fully understandable having in mind the undoubted advantages water-based garnishes have over a lot of other products on the market.

Safe and non-toxic

Certainly, one of the most pressing topics of 21-st century is the protection of environment and our own health. Users in large numbers seek alternatives of substances and materials that achieve the desired effect without releasing toxic substances endangering our health and nature.

Therefore, water-based garnishes are so preferred. They do not harm you or your family and are extremely environment-friendly which, as we found, is latest fashion.

Of course, this is not the only advantage of water-based garnishes. We are used to the notion that only aggressive materials can do the job in good quality and be durable in time. But, this has nothing to do with truth.

If these advantages are not sufficient for you, have in mind that those water-based garnishes are extremely sparing to surfaces and will not destroy them which would happen with the use of much more aggressive garnishes.

Esthetics and efficiency

Besides sealing, a varnish of good quality should still provide some additional esthetics to your modern chair. Water-based varnishes will turn pale and worn surfaces into new ones due to their ability to make the colour more intense. Besides a brighter colour, you will be able to also enjoy perfectly glazed surfaces which will refresh your home.

Everybody who has done major renovations or simply esthetic corrections knows that one of the most annoying parts of renovation is exactly to wait until materials fully dry. With water-based varnishes, this time is absolutely minimized. The varnish will dry for less than five hours, and with some types of water-based varnishes – this time will be cut in half.

Let’s mention that a second coat of varnish may be necessary to apply.


Water-based varnishes have a high level of cohesion which allows perfect adhesion to wood surfaces. You might wonder which wood surfaces this is about? Any type you might think of! Water-based varnishes are equally suitable both for floor surfaces, and for doors, boards, windows, furniture, shelves and anything you may think of.

The durability of the materials you have invested in is ensured by the film formed by the varnish that is not under high pressure, which facilitates preservation over time.

Among other ascertained advantages of water-based varnishes, they also:

  • Have a very good resistance to mould and humidity.
  • You may be sure they have high resistance to mechanical impact – scratches, loads, etc.
  • Do not burn, respectively, have a proven fire safety.
  • Are resistant to any type of chemicals you use in your everyday life even if they are aggressive and of alcohol contents.
  • Preserve the natural colours of wood.

We are sure that we convinced you why you should choose water-based varnishes. Now, everything you should do is to prepare a well cleaned surface and apply the varnish using a brush of good quality. The results will be amazing!

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