Trends and Stylish Furniture

Trends and Stylish Furniture


Let’s say goodbye to dull and sterile rooms! This year, we welcome textures, solid wood and oval shapes. We get rid of grey furniture and coldness, replacing them with a bright contrast and natural elements. You might already guess which are the top trends this year?

Contrast is top

When you enter a furniture shop, you face bright green, yellow and red sofas? Absolutely normal> This is the newest trend in interior design that will surely stay for some time at your homes.

Just imagine, a room in grey, white or beige, and at the middle – a piece of soft furniture in an intensive colour. This adds style, extravagance and coziness to your home. An easy way to create an emphasis in your interior you guests will fall in love with.

Less is more

We live in times when coziness in equal to style. Just think of how much you are going to facilitate your life with multi-functional furniture that have more than one intended use. We put an end to overburdened everyday and multiple surfaces most often called “dust-collectors”.

The multifunctional use of furniture and parts of your home allows to create a feeling of space, even with smaller square area. Rely on minimalism, light colours and well selected furniture, with more than one function.

Jungle at home

Of course, do not take this literally. But, it is a fact that greenness at home is the next hit in design for the year. It is important to note that the evergreen effect is sought, avoiding plants that blossom only in one season and then become brown and fade. If you do not like plants, just choose green shades and leaves as details in your interior.

Glass home and wood

Have you noticed that you see still more and more often French windows, beautiful glass lamps and all this mixed with solid wood? This in normal as this is one of the most beautiful trends crating coziness and connecting us with nature.

Mat finish is just WOW!

Black, pink, mint… each mat finish is fashionable. This is a beautiful details that will bring variety to your interior. You may select mat vases, utensils or whatever you like. Also, you yourselves may remodel old interior accessories using paint.

Interior is your health

Most people work hard and tiring work. Even if you are not a physical worker but you sit in front of a computer, this also brings its harms. You have pain in the eyes, your back and still more. So, it is fashionable now to seek interior that takes care of our health.

What do you have in mind? Comfortable and ergonomic chairs and sofas, for example, and lights that do not irritate us. Also, we seek colours proven to have a soothing effect on our minds.

Retro is always fashionable

This is a trend that will remain with us for many years. Retro interior elements are a wonderful touch to a fashionable design. They add emotion to your hoe and what could be better than that and having restored them by yourselves?

Oval shapes return

We passed through a period of sharp designs in which square sofas without rounded backs were held in high regard. But now, the trend returns, still more rounded than ever to bring the needed elegance and softness to our home.

We do not talk only about furniture but for accessories and everything in your home. This shape eliminated coldness and creates unique comfort.