Innovation Norway - "Greening the chairs" project completed

Innovation Norway - "Greening the chairs" project completed


We have just finished the implementaion of project "Greening the chairs" supported by Innovation Norway. 

The main project objective was to raise our competitiveness through implementation of new resource saving machines as well as ensuring conditions for applying innovative for us technology for water based lacquering which additionally increased our level of competitiveness and now allows us to enter new markets and meet clients' increasing needs and demands.

The implemented systems and equipment increased our capacity with 30%. The key activities of the investment include three main components:

  1. Dust extraction and heating system using new technology 
  2. resource saving equipment for 4 sided calibration of wood
  3. Wood drying system

The outcomes of the implemented project include but are not limited to:

  • Gathering and reusing the generated wastes as means of resource for heating and drying in a very effective way, without environmental pollution
  • Ensuring conditions for implementing into regular production water based lacquering as the installed automatic heating system provides the necessary temperature for the production process
  • Reduction of generated CO2 emissions because of the introductions of modern, innovative high effective boilers
  • Increase of the turnover in the next few years based on the possibility to offer chairs with water based lacquering thus entering new market
  • Possibility to reduce the increase of end costs based on reduced quantity of necessary material, energy and transport costs
  • Production of more durable and long lasting chairs based on the innovative lacqering technology thus increasing the life of chairs and reducing the wastes
  • Eliminating the need of internal transportation of sawdust and wooden wastes for burning due to the newly implemented deduction system equipped with suitable silo
  • Ensuring better working conditions for all of the company employees due to  implemented filters and effective sawdust deduction.
  • Eliminating the heavy organic lacquering that is harmful for the clients, for the workers in the workshop and for the environment
  • Ensuring the possibility to gather the wastes from the lacquering process, recycling them and return them again in the production (valid for the technology of water based lacquering we have just implemented).

The achieved outcomes correspond in full to the expected ones by the Green Industry Innovation focus area.

With the help of Innovation Norway we were able to invest in the latest technologies ensuring cost-effective and efficient production and at the same time caring for the environment.

There are several innovations implemented through this project that are worth mentioning:

  • The possibility to work with the latest technology for water based lacquering instead of organic lacquering
  • Implemented last generation technology for sawdust deduction and heating
  • Installed planer and moulder  of the highest level of energy saving using technologies allowing full utilization of the piece of wood with minimum wood residues and much faster operations.

We thank the Innovation Norway team Bulgaria for the great support during the application and project implementation process. As well as for the financila support of the Norwegian financial mechanism.