Contemporary furniture and chairs

Contemporary furniture and chairs


You may be asking yourself what contemporary furniture is and what it has passed through to reach its current form. Believe it or not, contemporary idea of furniture is affected strongly by what is happening around the world.

At present, design emphasizes several main factors. One of them is sustainability which is already highly appreciated both by users and by manufacturers and the planet Earth itself. Other aspects in the choice of furniture are their flexibility, comfort and clear lines, no unnecessary ornaments.

In this article, you may have a closer look into the emphases in contemporary design and the most demanded furniture.


We have already mentioned sustainability. The global warming is something that affects all of us and we should think in a new direction in order to improve the situation we are in.

The advice the industry gives is to purchase furniture made of recycled materials or such that may be recycled.

If, nevertheless, you don’t like this idea, you always can rely on solid wood purchased from certified companies for production of sustainable wood material. One of the main trends is to combine minimalistic details with massive and more traditional furniture.

Comfort and clear lines

For years, we have observed a tendency to seek elegant designs but too minimalistic and sharp chairs and sofas, for example, do not create a feeling of comfort and convenience.

Elegant but at the same time comfortable furniture is sought and liked currently. The edges are not pointed but rounded and create a feeling of “coziness”, something that was in shortage in previous models and their sterility, gravity and greyness.

The arm rests of the chairs and armchairs are either square or rounded. As we mentioned – simplicity, comfort and coziness are sought. In fact, everything has to do with geometric shapes. Square chairs that are simultaneously plain, comfortable and attractive.

If there are ornaments on the furniture, they are simple and following the geometric shapes, without an unnecessary amassment.


In the concept of contemporary design, it is extremely important that furniture has more than one function and is practical. Folding furniture that may be taken in so that they do not take unnecessary space. Or, sofas that turn into beds. Over the years, the construction itself changes and now, there are no those large open spaces, even in the larger apartments, that’s why, it is important to create multifunctional environment.

One of contemporary hits that attract with their incredible flexibility are for sure desks with adjustable height. This is a marvelous solution both for domestic office and for corporate one. In fact, a lot of companies started to put such desks in their offices due to their multiple advantages. They are an excellent option against remaining in one position for long which is frequent nowadays at the workplace. You may stay upright, sitting or even run on a pathway – the desk is adjusted according to the height desired by you.


The conclusion is that we should aim at geometric shapes, elegant lines, round corners and multifunctionality. Even office chairs returned to those simple designs managing to achieve ergonomics combined with a simple design and square or oval shape.

Remember, “modern” and “contemporary” are two different terms. Modern does not mean that some furniture is a current trend at some time.

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