BBCWFI - Annual awards

BBCWFI - Annual awards


Kasto chairs Ltd - 2nd place for the fasted growing furniture manufacturer in the last 3 years


We are proud to announce that in November 2022 we received an award for fastest growing company from the Bulgarian Branch Chamber of Woodworking and Furniture industry ranked 2nd in 2021. Since 2020 we started our factory extention project and only 2 years later it started bringing the results we hoped for. The good news is that it is just the beginning and our intentions and anticipation is that the growth will continue in the next years. The potential of the equipment and the new production facilities is far better than the results it has brought last year. It is the second time since 2016 Kasto chairs has received this award which is showing consistency in the results of the company.

We are looking for new opportunities and actively researching different markets for our new long-term partners. If you need reliable supplier of wooden chairs we will be glad to receive your inquiries. 


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