Solar energy - Phase I

Solar energy - Phase I



Kasto's 300 KWh solar plant, ON!


In November 2022 we finished Phase I of our investment in 300 kWh Solar power plant. With this investment we are 100% self sufficient in terms of electricity production and consumption during the summer. Moreover, we have a contract with the local electricity provider to buy out the surplus of the production of the plant duri8ng the summer. On average we produce about 1.5 MWh of solar energy every day and we consume 1.34 MWh. As a result, we are saving roughly about 350 kgs of CO2 emissions every day. In 2023/2024 We are planning a Phase II of investing in another 200 kWh plant in combination with 200 kWh battery helping us to reach carbon neutrality for the whole period of the year.

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