Create unique space with unique furniture

Create unique space with unique furniture


We live in different time. Still more and more people move their workplace to their apartment and rediscover homeyness. This is what gives rise to a new contemporary problem – space. What is sought is space, elegance, comfort and homeyness all in one.

Kingly armchairs and multifunctional chairs

Oval shapes combines with soft textile are latest cutting edge of fashion. If you seek a comfortable armchair, choose an elegant design and wooden elements. If you seek space, you can always select elegant camp-chairs to expand only when necessary. Also, you will be on the right way if you seek chairs and armchairs with hidden spaces for storage, this will surely spare a lot of space! 

Sofa beds are a hit again

For sure, one of the most common events is the returning of sofa beds and armchairs. Years ago, they were a real hit and comfort, then they faded aways under the effect of minimalism but here they return. They offer both additional space for storage of domestic textile we rarely use, and space for our guests to sleep.

The work from the sofa is an absolute fact

Work tables for coffee/coffee tables are another trend. There is hardly a person who never worked from their sofa. These tables offer elegance to meet your guests, and a raising mechanism to meet your work needs while taking care of the health of your spine.

Kitchen table for two or for ten

Extendable tables are an absolute must-have. The heavy and massive structures are beautiful but they take a large portion of the space in your apartment, they are suitable for large and spacious residences with a separate dining-room. Nowadays, it is more common that the dining room is a part of the kitchen. On an usual day, you need a small table for up to four persons, and on a holiday – you may extend it and turn it into a table for a whole football team.

Our home library

Elegant cabinets/shelves for books are among the most unique ones. Massive bookcases have incredible coziness but, again, only people having much space might afford them. Smart and simple shelves, on the other hand, are not only elegant and space-saving but they are easier to clean.

End to millions of cables

Hide all wires and cables! This may seem an impossible task because their complete removal is related to the initial electric installation. Nevertheless, still more and more elegant solutions are launched on the market. You will be surprises how much space all cables take and to what extent they spoil the appearance of your interior. Currently, incredibly beautiful boxes and baskets are offered that may accommodate all cables and give an elegant appearance to your residence. 

End of the heavy and massive wardrobes

And last but not the least – open wardrobes are a real trend. You will be surprised how many unnecessary clothes you have that are collected at the bottom of your bottomless wardrobe. And you never have anything to! When everything is on show, it will be easier for you both to arrange and to maintain your clothes in perfect condition. And, not to forget how much space such pieces of furniture spare. 
In conclusion, we would like to say that your apartment is a mirror of your inner world. Open it, turn it into an elegant space you feel free and yourselves in!