Contract furniture manufacturer

Contract furniture manufacturer

What is contract furniture?

Contract furniture is a segment in the furniture industry dedicated to the needs of HOtels, REstaurants, and CAfes, which is a.k.a as HORECA industry. This market segment has its own specifics and requirements which if followed would bring satisfaction to all producers, clients, and users.

Humans and nature can coexist!

First of all, the contract furniture is made to last. Due to the heavy usage in the HORECA facilities it must be taken into account that the contract furniture have to last between 2 to 5 years. Producers must aim to use materials which could ensure the durability of the furniture such as:

  • hard wood
  • hard to scratch top and base coats
  • long lasting upholstery materials
  • strong hardware

Secondly, the contract furniture industry has to be much greener compared to the producers targeting the home market because the cycle for changing the furniture at home is usually between 10 to 15 years compared to 2 to 5 years in the HORECA industry, as a result a restaurant, coffee or a hotel is anticipated to change its furniture 3 times faster than a household.

Considering the responsibility we have to preserve the nature for the future generations more and more designers are integrating plants, natural light and natural wooden colors into the interiors of the hotels, restaurants, and cafes.

The greener the better!

About our contract furniture and manufacturing company

We are specialized in the contract furniture industry and we have worked in the field for more than 25 years. As a result of our experience we are considered as experts in the field and our partners rely on our abilities to make the furniture they dream of. We are specialized in the most complicated contract furniture – the chairs.

Greening the chairs!

Kasto chairs' lean production procedures

We at Kasto chairs have our own procedures to ensure both that all materials are used as much as possible and the wastes are minimized as well as that the durability and quality of our products is maximized.

  • Wood efficiency

We use only wood from certified forests because we care what timber we use in our production, therefore, we already have FSC certification. We don’t through away our defected wood we select the and reuse the defected parts for smaller elements of the chairs. As a result our wooden waste is optimized and what is left from the initial selection is used either for fuel for our heating and wood drying system or it is sold to the pellets manufacturing industry. Finally, after all steps in the procedure our wood is 100% utilized.

  • Painting

At Kasto chairs we have the previlige to use only water based spraying systems which are almost completely harmless to the environment compared to the organic products used in most of the manufacturing facilities. Moreover, we are filtering and reusing the waste created in the process which becomes much more efficient and eco friendly. The main advantage of the water based lacque is that after usage it does not have any leaks of free formaldehyde in the atmosphere. Moreover, the products we use are certified according to the EN 71-3 which is the highest level of children’s protection.

  • Durability

We make our chairs to last by using only materials which has been certified for the HORECA industry. For example, our most popular upholstery materials has Martindale tests for resistance up to 120 000 cycles of usage. Our glue is specialized only for restaurant chairs manufacturing and one of its main charachteristics is to stay elastic after it is dry. In the thirdplace, we use only hard wood for our production beech and oak which surfaces are much more resitant compared to the birch and pine wood.

  • Quality

Quality is a mix of knowlege, equipment, and materials. We have already mentioned our experience and the materials we use but we have missed out one of the 3 pillars of our factory. We are proud to say that we have one of the most modern factories in Bulgaria with a total of 22 CNC machines. A CNC equipment is a numerically controlled machines which perform all operations as they are programmed by the technicians. This equipment can perform several manipulations at once and at a speed and quality which cannot be copied or made by a manual labour or conventional machines.

Kasto chairs team is working according to those procedures already more than 25 years and we are improving them constantly which brings our production and knowledge to the new modern era.


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