Capital - Cheetah awards

Capital - Cheetah awards


Kasto chairs - the 2nd most dynamic company in the furniture industry in 2021.



Every year the most popular and respected business magazine in Bulgaria - Capital publishes different charts reporting and analyzing the results of the Bulgarian industry in the past year. In 2022's Cheetah chart Kasto Chairs Ltd was ranked on the 2nd place with 133% incrase of annual turnover. This ranking is comparing the data from 2020 and 2021 and it is considering only the companies in the timber and furniture industry. Cheetah chart is a very important one as it is showing the potential of the industry and especially the dynamics of the small and medium enterprises. The average increase in 2021 for the companies in the chart is about 58% meaning that we are more than two times more dynamic than most companies in the industry. We are keen on keeping this rate of development and we are grateful to Capital and its team for the acknowledgement. 

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