Chairs and plywood

Chairs and plywood


Plywood is design and design is plywood!

Plywood and its history in furniture

Plywood material is very well known and has broad use in many industries such as construction, shipbuilding, aerocraft construction, automotive industry, and furniture manufacturing. The beginning is set in the UK in 1793 by Samuel Benton by inventing a machine for plywood manufacturing. Later in 1896 at a trade fair in Russia the plywood was used for the first time as a material in the furniture industry. Afterwards the use of the material was mastered further and its advantages are indisputable.

Manufacturing plywood and its use in the furniture manufacturing in Bulgaria started in 1931 and since then it is inseparable part of the design and technology.

Plywood charachteristics

Plywood has many slang names – sandwich wood, thre-ply. layerd timber, etc. but the most important are its advantages over the solid wood parts:

  • Plasticity – it can be used for making complicated 3D forms made out of one piece of wood
  • Durability – the specific resistance of the plywood tested with srews is 4 times more than the laminated boards and 3.5 times more than the MDF
  • Form stability – it does not have back spring effect compared to solid wood bending
  • Budgeding – the inside layer could be from cheaper materials such as poplar and only the outside layers could be from exotic or expensive wood optimizing the cost.
  • Engraving – because of its strength a lot of forms and shapes can be engraved on the wood giving numerous design options

Kasto chairs and the plywood

In Kasto chairs we use plywood in almost every chair we manufacture. It is very important because it is ensuring higher durability of the chairs for our partners in the contract furniture industry.

Giving our partners qulality products is part of our mission and our promise to them.

Plywood is green and lean!

Our experience shows that the parts made out of plywood are 99% without any flows which is much higher quality rate than the solid wood parts. Saving a lot of trees and waste.

Our chairs are predominantly made out of premium white beech timber but we also offer oak wood option for some of our designs. For the latter we take the advantage to use beech as a filler of the plywood and only the outer layers of the part to be made with the signifactly more expensive oak wood as a result we are able to offer competitive prices to our partners.

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